Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ok its TIME!!

I just emailed the park and although the park underwent a modernization project that was completed in September '09 only Flush toilets and showers were added, there are no electric sites.
We however have a generator.

We will have a few canoes this year.

Let me know what dates are best, if we get more than 5 guys, I would like to bring another camper.

Please give me a shout if you are interested.

Bill as long as we watch our electrical usage, we should be fine sharing the generator, you just wont be able to blow dry your goate

Opening day of trout is April 17th, if we go the 17th weekend, we loose Thursday and Friday fishing and can only fish Saturday and Sunday. This sort of sucks because the southeastern region is open 2 weeks before.

If we go the week after, we can fish everyday. Or we can fish at Lizard creek Friday which is in Southeastern Region but is around 50 miles away.

The tentative date is April 22-25th
I know I ask this every time but would anyone like to shoot for 4 days this time. Arriving Thursday Departing Monday???

Bill I can't remember the site numbers, does 113 and 115 look about right?

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